I’m listening to She Wants Revenge at the moment. Their sound is one of the most distinctive I know. A hard-hitting mix of sexy, deep beats and dark electro-rock with edgy, paranoid lyrics. They apparently describe their style as dance music but there’s an unmistakable alternative rock thing going on. I’m surprised they’re not huge already, they are at the cutting edge of their genre if you ask me.

I’d love Asian Envy to sound as raw and twisted as She Wants Revenge, but, despite our pessimistic lyrics, we can’t resist a bit of 80’s inspired power synth!

At the moment we’ve got about 12 tracks waiting to be finished, and two videos in the oven. All being well, our first album will be ready in January 2010.

So far, our music harks back to a moodier Pet Shop Boys, yet a touch of Depeche Mode on prozac seeps through as well. The Presets seem an obvious comparison (if I do say so myself) and perhaps even Junior Boys.

Our vision in terms of our videos is to create strange little short films with clever and interesting narratives and special effects. We’ve definitely got the strange bit down so far, and there’s no denying the presence of our macabre tendencies. The rest remains to be seen.


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