It’s not often that projects in the entertainment world run to schedule, so it’s no surprise the release date of AE’s album has been pushed back. It was originally due this month – and while that’s an unlikely outcome, I’m pleased to say that ‘Sweet and Vicious’ looks set to eventuate soon after.

11 tracks have been fully recorded and are now due for mixing and mastering. Two videos have been shot with a third in pre-production as we speak (scheduled for an early Feb shoot in Melbourne).

In other news, is in the process of establishing itself as an online store. Keep checking back, there looks set to be a unique assortment of nice products available for sale later in the year.

I hope you’re enjoying the 3 demo tracks which are now online. Be sure to leave us some feedback and your thoughts about the songs. ‘Back to Shinjuku’ is a personal favourite of mine and is in the running to be promoted as the first single.

Roll on 2010,



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