Well it’s certainly all happening in the Asian Envy camp!

With less than a week until the release of the album ‘Sweet and Vicious’, and the recent launch of the ‘Back to Shinjuku’ video, the AE buzz is growing and growing.

The new video, complete with hilarious anime-esque fighting sequences and elaborate special effects has been received with hyper-praise and enthusiasm, with 1000 You Tube hits in it’s first week – not bad for a relatively unknown debut.

The song itself (Back to Shinjuku) is also gaining some much deserved affection –¬† with DJ’s in Mexico and the USA already poaching the track for remixing.

Meanwhile, the Baby Steve remix is also doing the rounds with it’s catchy, uplifting make over, plus talk of a forthcoming accompanying video to match.

Also, did you know there are samples of every album track already on the website? So, if you’re hungry for a taste of a bit of Sweet, and a little Vicious, and simply can’t wait until May 28, then just move your cursor to the music player over on the right¬† and go nuts!

In other news, Hollywood film company ‘Guest House Films’ have asked Asian Envy to contribute to the soundtrack of upcoming feature film ‘Role/Play’, scheduled for release later this year, while Australian chart toppers Tin Ally have approached AE about remixing their latest single ‘Crossing Paths’, so keep an eye out for those.

Don’t forget to grab your copy of ‘Sweet and Vicious’ online this Friday, May 28….and then tell us what you think! We’d love to know your favourite tracks so we can make decisions about which next song to promote…. But remember – making unauthorised copies deprives the artist of income. Although we know you wouldn’t dream of doing such a thing!


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