It’s more than twelve months since the release of Asian Envy’s first album and the Australian shows that followed. Avid Facebook followers would know that a DVD has been in the works and talk of a new album. So here is the official rundown.

Late last year the duo wrote and recorded material in New York City for their second album. Currently in post production, it is scheduled for release in early 2013.

When asked what listener’s can expect from the new tracks, the pair had this to say:

Ross:¬†They’re darker than our previous work. Extremely personal and very close to the bone. Musically, we’ve come a long way.

Steve: We’re collaborating a lot on this album, evolving our sound. Vocalists, guitarists, drummers – even concert flautists are involved.

A compilation DVD of videos, live footage and interviews called “The Sweet and Vicious DVD” is also confirmed for release in September 2012, which is said to include an exclusive documentary about the band’s “never before seen” first video, and why it failed to see the light of day, despite an expensive on-location shoot in NYC. A promotional advert for the DVD can be seen here.

The duo also stated that more live shows will accompany the release of their second album, but have not confirmed whether local or part of a tour.


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