Shooting the new Asian Envy video

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Asian Envy’s second album, Everyone [Except You], has, so far, been a critical success, with several glowing reviews from the likes of Pearl Magazine, The Lowdown Under and Beats & Noisescapes.

“Masterfully layered synths and darker, punk-esque laced vocals, creating an edgy sound.” – Pearl Magazine.

Following a jam packed album launch in Melbourne, the boys have been busy on the set of their new music video, The Beautiful Girls & Boys, which is due for release very shortly.

“This clip is the first instalment from our concept video album – so it’s one chapter amongst many, which, when completed, will all connect to tell one story”, said vocalist Ross Larkin.

Steve Edwards, Asian Envy’s programming guru, also commented about the making of the new video.

“The script we decided on for this track is fairly intricate and was, therefore, quite complicated to make. We were fortunate that the crew and cast were all extremely good at what they were doing, and very passionate about getting it right. We were all terribly exhausted but on a high at the same time. The results are going to be very interesting”.

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