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The Wolf

Asian Envy’s successfully crowdfunded music video ‘The Wolf’, which raised almost $8,000 in 2014, has been awarded best music video at the ‘Made in Melbourne’ film festival.

Band members Steve Edwards and Ross Larkin were present at the ceremony to accept the award.

Directed by last year’s Tropfest winner, Julian Lucas, the production of ‘The Wolf’ involved more than 50 cast and crew on location in Flinders (Victoria, Australia) and was financially backed by 136 people from all over the world.

12321487_911490068934527_4237537556043853314_n‘The Wolf’, can be seen here 

It serves as a prequel to the band’s previous video, The Beautiful Girls and Boys (directed by Julyan Stephens)

Interview with The Lowdown Under

EEYTickets for Asian Envy’s Melbourne album launch went on sale, Friday
May 3rd. Tickets are still available here.

The event will be staged at Melbourne’s iconic Greyhound in St Kilda on June 6, 2013.

This week, Asian Envy were interviewed by The Lowdown Under about
the making of their second album, ‘Everyone (Except You)’.

1. What’s the inspiration behind the title of the album?

Ross: There’s a song of the same name on the album, which is about spite
and feeling misunderstood. It’s based on a real situation, and triggered the
idea of a concept album. so it was chosen as the overall title.

2. In what way is it a concept album?

Ross: The tracks are all linked by a single narrative and recurring
characters. When pieced together they tell a story.

Steve: We’re currently in the production stages of filming avideo for every
track, which while they can be enjoyed on their own, will also be pieces of
a much bigger story arc and end up being basically a feature length music

59766_10151303806422401_694073116_n3. How does it differ from your first album?

Steve: The tracks are quite a lot darker and more orchestral, whilst
keeping some great electro elements at the forefront.

Ross: It’s darker, edgier, dancier, sexier and a lot more layered. It was also
extremely difficult to make both technically and emotionally. We agonised
over every tiny detail. I’m amazed we finished it at all.

4. What was the writing process like?

Ross: Confronting but cathartic. The initial demos were laid down very
quickly, and we knew something exciting was brewing. With the exception
of the first single – for me, at least; writing and expressing the content of
the lyrics was a release I desperately needed, although confronting such
heavy issues doesn’t come easy.

Steve: We both had our separate ideas and came together to fit them
together or write missing pieces. It was amazing how much stuff just
worked – Ross’ lyrics/melody fitting perfectly with synth vibes I’d been
working on.

5. How much truth is there in your lyrics?

Steve: That’s a hard one which Ross can probably answer better. But I
think it’s all truth on some level though it may be an exaggerated truth or
perhaps a metaphor. For instance one line in the title track is “then you
died”, but it’s clear from the rest of the track that that’s not actually the

Ross: 100% absolute truth at all times.

482727_10151294797586606_1692082915_n6. Who are your musical influences?

Steve: We wanted to push into more of a soundtrack vibe so we certainly
drew inspiration from films, such as The Fifth Element, Gladiator and
lots of Hitchcock. But I certainly get inspired everywhere from 80s power
ballads to progressive trance.

Ross: The list is long. I’m loving M83 right now, plus Washed Out, Brandon
Flowers, Beach House, FM Belfast, She Wants Revenge, Paper Route,
Mesh, Metromony, Tycho, Miike Snow and most of the obvious 80’s

7. What can people expect from your live shows?

Ross: Energy. It’s visual almost as much as it is audible.

Steve: We’ve got an awesome band formed and we’re doing thing a bit

First New Single In Three Years

artworks-000046278177-dp09bg-t500x500The last new material released by Asian Envy was three years ago.

Since then, the duo have been writing and recording in preparation for their second album, Everyone (Except You), to be released in June 2013, after several delays and set backs.

The album’s first single, The Beautiful Girls and Boys, is now available digitally, to stream or download.

Moreover, for 48 hours between April 25 and 27, the single can be downloaded for free via this link:
The Beautiful Girls & Boys [feat. Kendrew] by asianenvy

After which, it can be purchased through itunes, Asian Envy’s website, and all major digital distributors.

A video to accompany the track is currently in production.

Asian Envy will be launching the album, Everyone (Except You), in Melbourne on June 6, 2013 at The Greyhound in St Kilda.



EEYAsian Envy will return to the stage for the first time in two years this Friday night, February 8th at The Evelyn on Melbourne’s Brunswick Street.

Supporting fellow electro heads, Pludo – word on the street is Asian Envy will perform some brand new material from their soon to be released EVERYONE (Except You) album.

“This show is very impromptu”, said lead singer Ross Larkin. “We weren’t planning to perform again until after the release of Everyone (Except You), but an opportunity came up and we happily agreed to it”, he added.

Tickets are still available for Friday night’s performance, although are only purchasable in advance by clicking here.

Everyone (Except You) is due for release in late March 2013, and the first single, titled The Beautiful Girls and Boys, will surface shortly prior.


It’s more than twelve months since the release of Asian Envy’s first album and the Australian shows that followed. Avid Facebook followers would know that a DVD has been in the works and talk of a new album. So here is the official rundown.

Late last year the duo wrote and recorded material in New York City for their second album. Currently in post production, it is scheduled for release in early 2013.

When asked what listener’s can expect from the new tracks, the pair had this to say:

Ross: They’re darker than our previous work. Extremely personal and very close to the bone. Musically, we’ve come a long way.

Steve: We’re collaborating a lot on this album, evolving our sound. Vocalists, guitarists, drummers – even concert flautists are involved.

A compilation DVD of videos, live footage and interviews called “The Sweet and Vicious DVD” is also confirmed for release in September 2012, which is said to include an exclusive documentary about the band’s “never before seen” first video, and why it failed to see the light of day, despite an expensive on-location shoot in NYC. A promotional advert for the DVD can be seen here.

The duo also stated that more live shows will accompany the release of their second album, but have not confirmed whether local or part of a tour.



There’s plenty of photo evidence for those who missed the January 15 show, showcasing the packed and energised East Brunswick Club during Asian Envy’s first live performance.

Ross commented afterward that he was fascinated to see the crowd singing along to so many of the tracks.

“I certainly don’t mind”, he said. “Obviously we’re doing something right if people know our tracks already. We were having a ball on stage and it seemed the crowd was too”.

The success of the East Brunswick Club gig puts the duo in good stead for their album launch at Revolver (Melbourne) on February 11, 2011, for which tickets have just gone on sale here: moshtix

photography by Erin Johnson


After some lengthy anticipation, a new video from ‘Sweet and Vicious’ is finally launching next week.

‘The Animals Will Come’ is the second single from the LP, and the video for the track is bound to amuse and impress. Unlike the previous ‘Back to Shinjuku’ clip, Steve and Ross feature rather prominently, along with some freakish animated animals and much destruction!

Keep your eyes peeled – it incorporates a visual effect known as ‘data moshing’, which has never been seen quite like this before.

The videos was entirely produced, directed and created by Asian Envy themselves.

In other news – AE needs your assistance to rate and review on Triple J Unearthed. Click the link, listen to the tracks, rate and then review! If you don’t already have a log in for Unearthed, you will need to create one but it’s dead easy! So, grab a spare few minutes and help Asian Envy climb the prestigious Unearthed charts!

As previously mentioned, Asian Envy’s debut live show/Australian album launch and pre-cursor to a tour of the USA is currently in the works, and will take place in Melbourne (one night only), scheduled for January or February 2011. Watch this space for more details as they become available.

Congratulations also to our online competition winners who scored a free limited edition ‘Sweet and Vicious’ CD. Winners from all over the globe including Canada, Mexico and Australia! Well done guys!

So remember, keep watching for the imminent release of ‘The Animals Will Come’ – rate it on You Tube and circulate it online to your hearts content!



Back to Shinjuku is the first Asian Envy video to be completed to promote the forthcoming ‘Sweet and Vicious’ album. Several more videos are currently in production and will surface later in 2010.

An extended dance remix of Back to Shinjuku will also feature on the album.