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The Wolf

Asian Envy’s successfully crowdfunded music video ‘The Wolf’, which raised almost $8,000 in 2014, has been awarded best music video at the ‘Made in Melbourne’ film festival.

Band members Steve Edwards and Ross Larkin were present at the ceremony to accept the award.

Directed by last year’s Tropfest winner, Julian Lucas, the production of ‘The Wolf’ involved more than 50 cast and crew on location in Flinders (Victoria, Australia) and was financially backed by 136 people from all over the world.

12321487_911490068934527_4237537556043853314_n‘The Wolf’, can be seen here 

It serves as a prequel to the band’s previous video, The Beautiful Girls and Boys (directed by Julyan Stephens)

Help Asian Envy make their next video

Asian Envy launched their brand new music video this month (‘The Beautiful Girls & Boys’).

The unusual and intriguing video is set at a wedding reception which breaks into bizarre chaos as one of the wait staff seduce the bride before the groom’s eyes!

It’s a comical and energetic video with a splash of sinister undertone (in keeping with the overall concept of the album, ‘Everyone [Except You]’).

The video was premiered to terrific applause at Melbourne’s ‘The 86’ in Collingwood, where the duo also launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for their next music video ‘The Wolf’ – another instalment in the ongoing narrative.

The pair are aiming to raise $6,000 by Valentine’s Day, and are so far a quarter of the way there. If you’d like to pledge an amount to play your part in seeing the next Asian Envy video come to life, please donate at the link below. No amount is too large or small and there are unique and exciting rewards up for grabs!


After some lengthy anticipation, a new video from ‘Sweet and Vicious’ is finally launching next week.

‘The Animals Will Come’ is the second single from the LP, and the video for the track is bound to amuse and impress. Unlike the previous ‘Back to Shinjuku’ clip, Steve and Ross feature rather prominently, along with some freakish animated animals and much destruction!

Keep your eyes peeled – it incorporates a visual effect known as ‘data moshing’, which has never been seen quite like this before.

The videos was entirely produced, directed and created by Asian Envy themselves.

In other news – AE needs your assistance to rate and review on Triple J Unearthed. Click the link, listen to the tracks, rate and then review! If you don’t already have a log in for Unearthed, you will need to create one but it’s dead easy! So, grab a spare few minutes and help Asian Envy climb the prestigious Unearthed charts!

As previously mentioned, Asian Envy’s debut live show/Australian album launch and pre-cursor to a tour of the USA is currently in the works, and will take place in Melbourne (one night only), scheduled for January or February 2011. Watch this space for more details as they become available.

Congratulations also to our online competition winners who scored a free limited edition ‘Sweet and Vicious’ CD. Winners from all over the globe including Canada, Mexico and Australia! Well done guys!

So remember, keep watching for the imminent release of ‘The Animals Will Come’ – rate it on You Tube and circulate it online to your hearts content!



Back to Shinjuku is the first Asian Envy video to be completed to promote the forthcoming ‘Sweet and Vicious’ album. Several more videos are currently in production and will surface later in 2010.

An extended dance remix of Back to Shinjuku will also feature on the album.


[singlepic id=68 w=320 h=240 float=left] I’ve been working on the upcoming video for our track The Animals Will Come . The video was shot on green screen and I thought it’d be cool to give a bit of insight into the project as it develops. So here are a few screen grabs of the rough art direction just to whet your appetite.

We’ve had a great response to people becoming Asian Envy fans on facebook and although we despise myspace we’ll be getting our page up and running shortly.

You can  subscribe to the feed of this blog at the top of the page if you’re into google reader or whatever.

Also keep coming back here and check what’s going on, the next few months are gonna be pretty busy.[singlepic id=92 w=320 h=240 float=right]


It’s not often that projects in the entertainment world run to schedule, so it’s no surprise the release date of AE’s album has been pushed back. It was originally due this month – and while that’s an unlikely outcome, I’m pleased to say that ‘Sweet and Vicious’ looks set to eventuate soon after.

11 tracks have been fully recorded and are now due for mixing and mastering. Two videos have been shot with a third in pre-production as we speak (scheduled for an early Feb shoot in Melbourne).

In other news, is in the process of establishing itself as an online store. Keep checking back, there looks set to be a unique assortment of nice products available for sale later in the year.

I hope you’re enjoying the 3 demo tracks which are now online. Be sure to leave us some feedback and your thoughts about the songs. ‘Back to Shinjuku’ is a personal favourite of mine and is in the running to be promoted as the first single.

Roll on 2010,




So, we had a film shoot this weekend and aside from the rain preventing us from filming the outdoor scenes, we captured some great stuff. Without giving too much away; we actually filmed parts of 3 separate video clips involving green screen, extras, treadmills, masks, spinning floors and a naked shower scene …all in one day (yes we are insane). It was tiring but definitely worth it. Now it’s onto the editing and post production! Once the clips are finished we’ll be putting up some “making of” posts…