No Big Deal

Well after years of spending time with you
That time has turned to cold, cold, steel

We shared a whole lifetime, got to the end
And realised its no big deal

And even though we know each other
Through and through we know we can’t conceal

That what we had and what we did and what we said
It now has no appeal

And all the secrets said, the money spent and time invested
And all the feelings shared, the tears shed, the moments tested

And all the photos framed, the albums named, the emails posted
And all the phone calls made, the holidays, the shows attended

And after all
We’ve grown so (bored obligation, and forced invitations)

And after all
We’ve gone and hit the wall, like once before now

And now I see you on the street
and we walk on like there’s no history

It feels so wrong and yet I cannot help but think
That this was meant to be