Say What

You’re right
I feel that way – inside
It’s something I cant fight
and don’t say I ain’t tried
Can’t get it out of my mind

You’re right
I feel that way – today
You’re ok to say what you say
Well it’s the truth anyway
Guess it’s all part of this game

You say that you’re not strange
But you like to kiss me
and you say you’re not ok
But you seem right to me

Say what – you say nothing
You like to try it all
and then deny the whole thing
Say what – you’re pretending
Just try and ask yourself
Who is it your fooling?

The urge…it’s not leaving me be
It’s making me crazy
From the yard out to the street
Like you would not believe

Your choice
To be who you did not choose
To listen to the clues
Commit to what you can’t lose
And stand against the abuse

You know that you’re not strange
And you are something like me
and you say it can’t happen today
but you are yet to be free